You can also order gift vouchers out of season by email: or by phone: 776 736 747 (We offer gift vouchers in the value of 500 CZK, 1,000 CZK or Family ticket 2+2)

Individual circuits Adult / child
1st try of the cable center (blue or red route)) 260 CZK
Every other of the rope center * (blue or red route) 150 CZK
Lanáček unlimited entry 180 CZK
Big Swing 1st try 250 CZK
Big Swing 2 try ** 100 CZK



Family ticket 1st Try Every other try *
1 adult and 2 children 730 CZK 450 CZK
2 adults and 1 child 730 CZK 450 CZK
2 adults and 2 children 940 CZK 600 CZK
5 people 1150 CZK 750 CZK
Group entry rope park for elementary school 170 CZK/pupil 100 CZK/pupil
Group entry for Lanáček for kindergarten 150 CZK/pupil


(kindergarten, elementary school, high school, camps, children up to 15 years old, over 10 children = 1 teacher has an access in the rope park for free)

  • a total of 2 levels of circuit difficulty (the blue route is easier and the red route is more difficult) + 1 children’s circuit (Lanáček)
  • * the discounted price for the next circuit is valid for 1 person immediately after the end of the previous circuit
  • **discounted price for another swing is valid for 1 person immediately after the end of the first swing, without getting off the swing and harnesses
  • groups of more than 20 people must book in advance
  • All high rope climbing equipment is included in the entrance fee.

Prices include VAT.